Green queen: a beautiful bird dressed in a shiny and almost fluorescent green color

Beautiful Chlorochrysa Phoenicotis this bird of the Thraupidae family.

This bird is a real bird treasure, dressed in a bright, shiny emerald green color from the head to the tail, with the exception of two small spots behind the eyes.

The glistening-green tanager (Chlorochrysa phoenicotis) is the bird of the Thraupidae family.

Their back is somewhat darker than cereal, completely covered with bright green wool.

The upper wings and lower median covering grayish-olive, but are often hidden.

The flight feathers are black with bright green edges, and the tail feathers are black with a green central pair.

Females can be slightly dull, although it is still quite green, and white and red dots can be absent on their heads.

The birds prefer mossy secondary vegetation in the foothills of the Andes and lower subtropical forests.

In this place, he feeds on arthropods and larvae. Sometimes fruits are also eaten.

Although little is known about the habits of reproduction, it is known that they multiply in Colombia from May to September.

This bird is considered rare and is gradually declining.

Forest cutting caused by mining, agriculture and growing development, threatens their habitat.

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