Great story: this sweet and loyal dog swam to the shore for 11 hours to find help for his owner

A dog swam for 11 hours from one coast to another to save his drowning owner.

A dog is man’s most sincere and faithful friend. The story of the faithful dog Hachiko is far from the only one that shows the endless love and affection of the animal for its owner. Today we will tell you about the exciting case when a dog saved his drowning owner by swimming from one bank to another for 11 hours.

The story began with the fact that the fishermen found a tired and hungry shepherd, who, despite exhaustion, was clearly showing something. Not far from the place where the dog was found, several personal belongings of a person were also found: a wetsuit, a fishing net. It became clear that somewhere nearby there was an accident and, perhaps, a person drowned.

After some time, a plane arrived and several boats with a rescue team were thrown into the water to start searching for the wounded owner of the dog. The dog was going to be allowed to drown on land, but the dog resisted, continually trying to jump back into the water.

After 3 hours of searching, rescuers found a 63-year-old man alive, who, with all his last strength, held on to the side of the boat, which was about to go under water.

After the victim was given the necessary assistance, he told how he lost control and the boat began to sink. The man was thrown by the wave in one direction, the dog, which, as it turned out, was called Heidi, in the other. The man remained in the water, but the dog swam to the shore. The owner seemed to know one hundred percent that the faithful and devoted Heidi would be able to call for help, and he was not mistaken. Heidi walked 11 kilometers before meeting the fishermen, who then called for help and a rescue team.

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