Great story: this retriever was so happy to finally be with his loved one that he hugged him non-stop

A video showing a dog overjoyed upon seeing his owner has gone viral.

The animal runs and jumps into the arms of its loved one.

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friend. His heart is filled with unchanging love for his family. His soul contains unchanging fidelity.

Thanks to a video posted on TikTok in January 2021 that was reposted 11 months later, netizens have once again witnessed the unique relationship between a man and his life partner.

Golden Retriever Riley is always happy to see her owner. The sequence may only last 10 seconds, but it is still full of joy and warms everyone’s heart.

When a man approaches the front door of his house, his adorable furry friend runs towards him and jumps right into his wide-open arms to lull him to sleep.

This behavior seems normal to Riley, according to Newsweek.

Other clips reveal the strong friendship that the two associates share. The Golden Retriever shares everything with his loved one and never gets tired of his taste buds.

The first post was a hit, with over 27 million views and 3.6 million likes to date. Many users are not shy about expressing their feelings. “This is amazing”, “I want such love in my life,” we read in the comments.

It’s a little nugget that we love to look at more than once, and that reminds us how priceless our four-legged friends remain…

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