Great story: this brave man notices a dog stuck in a car, smashes the window and rescues him

This man immediately broke the car window and pulled the dog out of the car.

On July 1, 2022, on a California street, a man noticed a car with an almost exhausted dog inside.

Seeing all this, the man immediately broke the glass of the car and pulled the dog out of the car.

That person was Harvey, who immediately after all this called the police.

The man also called an ambulance.

Before the ambulance arrived, he measured the dog’s temperature at 40.5 degrees.

There is a similar fact, they say that if the temperature in dogs reaches 41 degrees, they can even die.

Fortunately, the veterinarians were able to cure the dog, he was completely dehydrated.

Rebecca Reiss, the owner of the dog, regretted her mistake.

They are simply grateful to Harvey for saving their dog.

The owners of the car could file a complaint against Harry, because this act of Harry was punishable by criminal law, but Harry did the right thing and called the police himself.

The life of the animal is important here.

Fortunately, everything ended well.

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