Great story: this big pit bull grew up with cats and started to think he was a cat too

The dog believes that she and the cat are the same animal.

Willow the big pit bull is a joyful friend of Percy the little cat. Willow repeats everything Percy does: they look out the window together, climb around the house, hug and watch TV.

“Willow thinks she and Percy are the same animal. Willow doesn’t realize that she is a dog and Percy is a cat! What a friendship! Willow and Percy’s mother told The Dodo.

At first, the strange “cat” act worried the goalkeepers, but then, having concluded that they were just good friends and that’s how they play, she resigned herself to the position.

Willow appeared in the family in 2020, when the kitty was about 9 weeks old. The family already had pets – Percy, kitten Klaus and little Chihuahua Spike. At this point, Willow began his first attempt at imitating the actions of other animals.

“Her little friends used to get on the back of the couch and jump from there, and Willow learned that too. Can you imagine a big pit bull standing on the back of a sofa and jumping from there? “Ha, ha, ha!” Jaramillo said.

Willow is a real kid at heart, trying to understand the pranks of his friends. The dog finds himself a cat and behaves like a cat.

Willow is funny, and you don’t have to meddle with it. Type, sort and size don’t matter when it comes to friendship!

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