Great story: the Toleo Zoo happily welcomes the twin babies of white bears

It’s wonderful to see a polar bear not struggling and starving.

For the first time since 2012, the twins of the white cubs appeared in the Toledo Zoo!

The zoo announced the birth of two cubs on Thursday.

Parents of the twins-24-year-old Crystal and 18-year-old Nuka.

Crystal is also the mother of two babies of a white bear from the zoo Columbus, Anyana and Aurora. Anna died in October, but Aurora remained in the Columbus Zoo.

The latest kids in the Toledo zoo have no names, and their floor is currently unknown. It is expected that they debut in public in the spring of 2023.

According to the Toledo Zoo, this is the eighth and ninth kids Crystal and Nuki.

Such cute and so tiny at birth, their mother, most likely, is very pleased with her little kids.

Congratulations to mom and dad, as well as the Toledo Zoo. I hope everyone will be fine.

Very happy for the zoo. Let’s save them safe, happy and healthy.

Watch the video below:

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