Great decision: this girl, inspired by her disabled dog, decided to start a fund for all disabled dogs

This dog became a source of inspiration for major projects.

Her journey and encounter with a stray dog ​​deeply upset Lisa Chong. They also changed the life of the animal, which has now inspired major projects to help fellow creatures in need.

In December 2018, Lisa Chong and her childhood friend Tara Austin went on holiday to Thailand. One evening, after dinner, two Americans saw an injured stray dog ​​with all the problems in the world crossing a busy road.

Lisa and Tara took her to the local veterinarian, who made a particularly troubling diagnosis. The dog, which was named Frida, had very serious back injuries. The injuries affected the nerves leading to her bladder and intestines. She also had paralysis in her hind legs.

Several friends looked after her for the rest of her stay. Then Lisa decided to take Frida with her to the USA.

She loved her very much and could not imagine leaving without her. In addition, the young woman was sure that the dog would be better taken care of there.

In California, Frida has made significant strides through physical therapy sessions and treatments. However, she still could not walk on her own.

Lisa then contacted Derrick Campana, a specialist in custom prosthetics for pets. Thanks to the work of the latter, the bitch managed to take her first steps.

Association inspired by the story of Frida

At the same time, Lisa and Tara founded The Frida Project, an association that helps paralyzed animals and raises public awareness of the cause. This organization also helps and supports people with disabilities, especially toddlers with prostheses.

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