Great decision: this 101-year-old grandmother decided to adopt an old cat who became her true friend

The woman must spend most of the day in bed, she missed the company of a pet.

Her children turned to the shelter, which provided Gus with her loving elderly cat, who, however, could not find a home due to his advanced age.

Reaching the golden years of our existence does not have to be an unpleasant experience. It all depends on who we are close to.

101-year-old Penny had everything: a family that takes care of her and her living conditions so that she does not freeze and starve.

However, a woman should spend most of the day in bed. Relatives visit her, but they have jobs and lives to take care of. That is why one of his relatives drew attention to the proposal of the same old woman.

Previously, she already had a baby who died of old age.

Penny was ready to accept another cat company. Relatives believed that the kitten, with its boundless energy and constant need for play, would be beyond her strength.

Contacting the Catawba County Shelter Animal Society, they found a solution to the dilemma.

At the shelter, they were told about Gus, an elderly cat they had recently taken care of, but no one wanted to adopt him.

Gus’s story was the exact opposite of Penny’s. After financial problems, his former owners had to give him up to an orphanage.

There, the cat continued to age, becoming unappealing to pet owners who had been trying to get a kitten for several years. But to Penny, he was the perfect pet.

That’s how a 19-year-old cat and a 101-year-old woman began to live together.

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