Gorgeous creature: here is a magnificent bird of nature that does not look much like an ordinary dove

This pigeon is no ordinary pigeon; he is cute and big.

We sincerely agree with those who say that nature is the world’s greatest artist. Today we would like to tell you about the dove, definitely one of the cutest birds in the world. When we hear the term ”dove”, we often imagine an ordinary bird, given to almost every nation. But this dove is no ordinary dove; he is cute and big.

This type of pigeon may be known for its bright blue feathers and beautiful crested head. These pigeons are also huge, some of them reaching the size of an ordinary turkey.

The crowned dove, which looks like a turkey and is mostly a mundane bird, flies to the lower branches of trees and flaps its wings loudly if it feels even a slight threat.

Since they live mainly on the ground, they feed on fallen fruits, seeds and berries. They also occasionally eat snails and other tiny creatures.

These pigeons usually nest in pairs and produce only one egg, sometimes two. These pigeons then lay their eggs. While the male spends most of his time in the nest during the day, the female spends most of his time there at night.

Male pigeons take an unusual approach to attracting the attention of women. Some of the sounds they make include drumming, cooing, bowing to their owner, and dropping their tail to the ground.

Unfortunately, the number of crowned pigeons is rapidly decreasing. As usual, the root causes are simple: habitat degradation and human-caused extinction of birds.

The problem is exacerbated by the almost fearlessness of pigeons towards humans. Poachers know how to use it. Today, this species is considered unusual and fragile.

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