Good story: this woman tried her best to get out of the cold water of the river and save the husky’s life

In Russia, a simple walk turned into a rescue operation.

A 65-year-old woman rushed to the river to save a dog in an accident.

It is easy to say that Galina Oskovich did not get cold feet. A 65-year-old Russian woman was walking with her friends near the river in the town of Rosoch, Voronezh region, when she heard the cry of an animal.

That’s when he saw the husky stuck in the water, unable to go through the ice curtain alone to get back to land.

Galina Oskovich, without thinking twice, took off her clothes and threw herself into the river. A brave woman approached Husky and helped him melt the ice.

This unexpected rescue operation was a great success. The duo managed to get out of the frozen water.

However, according to a British daily newspaper, Galina Oskovich also found the owner of the animal shortly after, not far from there.

Luckily, he got out safely. One way or another, this heroic act saved the dog’s life.

After this operation, a sixty-year-old man found cuts and bruises on her body. However, he stated that he had absolutely no remorse for his actions.

The footage of the rescue has been posted online. Some viewers considered the Russian intervention “dangerous” and “stupid”. Others, on the contrary, congratulated him on his great courage.

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