Good story: this white fox is the only one at the North Pole that can live in -58°F

Here is the Polar Fox, the toughest of all the arctic creatures.

The weather at the North Pole is very cold and only polar bears, caribou and arctic foxes can survive there. Arctic foxes are the hardiest of all species, able to withstand temperatures as low as -58°F.

They can be found on the shores of the Arctic Circle, from Canada to Europe, Russia, Iceland and other places. Arctic foxes are devoted to their partners and give birth to two litters in their lifetime (up to 14 cubs each).

These foxes are distinguished by their white fur, which not only keeps them warm, but also provides excellent winter camouflage. It is said that no other fur is warmer than fox.

Other physical characteristics that set Arctic foxes apart from their brethren include furry bottoms, small ears, and a short nose.

In winter, animals use their white coats to blend in with their environment in search of food, including rodents, birds, and fish. In summer, they can blend into the background of rocks and vegetation, changing the color of the fur to brown-gray.

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