Good story: this cat returns with her kittens to the caring family where she was treated well

A charming kitty visits a family who has been extremely kind to her in the past.

A young girl was hunting for food in the Moreno Valley region when she stumbled upon a family in the backyard who generously offered her food.

The family continued to leave food and water for the stray cat, but were stunned when she reappeared, this time not alone.

After inviting little friends over for dinner, the family discovers that the dark-loving beauty has many cubs to feed.

Feeling comfortable in a wonderful family, the kitten decided to bring his little ones to meet and feed them.

As a result, the family knew they wanted to help the kittens, so they contacted Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles, who agreed to place them in a foster home so they would no longer have to suffer on the streets.

“A few weeks ago, California experienced a heatwave with daytime temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit”.

With the help of the family, the cat and her two babies were rescued by the volunteers of the rescue group.

Unfortunately, one of them ran away, and they searched for her for several days, even with the help of her mother, but the baby managed to escape.

The lovely family settled into their new home quickly, eating until their bellies were full and their fears subsided. Later, while the mother slept happily in her new comfortable bed, they explored every nook and cranny of the apartment.

Their host family quickly became friends with Alio and Olio. Rosie could sleep well because she did a wonderful job with her children.

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