Good story: this caring woman turned to social media when she found a lonely dog with a note

People who own pet dogs can appreciate the joy they offer in their lives.

However, not everyone likes the company of animals, and guardians periodically leave them. But we are not here to sow grief. Unlike this! Today we want to tell you the story of a dog who, after being abandoned, found a new home and a devoted family.

Lais Chesin Monfrinato, a Brazilian from Mairinque, posted on Facebook on December 19 a picture of a young puppy asking for a new home. Lais was shocked to find that the abandoned puppy was only entrusted with a blanket, some food, and a note “Sorry, please deal with her”.

She posted on social media asking for help because she didn’t have much space in her house as she currently had 3 tamed cats. Luckily, Rosane Carraco, one of her good friends, was moved by the story and agreed to adopt the puppy too. Lais made the decision to propose a pet to her friend Rosane without hesitation, as she knew her skill with pets.

The animal was given the new name Lua and was delivered to a new home on December 26 as a Christmas present. Rosane admitted in an interview that she was initially worried. Her pet Mel was two years old and she wasn’t exactly sure if both fangs could coexist. But as soon as the two animals joined, her fears disappeared. They clicked today and were also close.

On December 19, Lais shared on Facebook: “How can a person, if you can call him that, can do this? You abandoned your pet and also just walked away. Today they left this wonderful lady at my residence”.

Lais mentioned in one of her meetings that her employer, Rosane, saw her Facebook post and immediately called Lais on WhatsApp to share her desire to be with a little puppy. “I didn’t hesitate because I know the affection and love that she and her family give to animals”.

Before leaving for Rosane’s residence, Lua spent a week at the Lais’ residence. Rosane prepared her house for the arrival of the dog.

Rosane claimed that while the dog eventually got used to the name, Lua still doesn’t recognize it when she calls. Lua and Mel did a great job. Lua realizes that Mal is responsible for this scenario. “These two are more than happy”.

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