Good story: this caring officer saved the squirrels and became the center of everyone’s attention

This officer felt unable to abandon the babies since they were left alone.

An NYPD officer named Andre LaVote spotted the scene on the side of the road last week while driving down a busy street. The man stopped, extended his hand, got out of the car and stopped to save two small squirrels.

And in such cases, it is better to return them as soon as possible. He carefully carried the animals, heading towards their proper location.

The policeman found a squirrel’s nest in one of the trees next to the road. The man tried to put the squirrels in the nest to help their mother find them.

But they stubbornly refused to turn their backs on their savior. Andre let the children play on their hands for a while.

Putting them in the nest, he left after they fell asleep.

Hundreds of social media users who saw pictures of Andre and the squirrels on the official NYSP account that day noted the sympathy and generosity of the officer, as well as his colleagues.

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