Good story: these people adopted 3 cats, including a blind one, for their visually impaired child

3 cats were waiting to be admitted to a shelter in Sioux City, Iowa.

Having learned that 3 cats, including a blind male and his mother, are looking for a home, a family with one of the visually impaired children turned to the shelter. She did not expect to be chosen, as there were so many applicants.

3 cats were waiting to be admitted to a shelter in Sioux City, Iowa. 1,300 kilometers away in Ohio, a family moved by their story contacted an adoptive agency to adopt them. Many others have done the same.

Applications came from 20 different states, SioLandProud says. Paul Nestor and his wife Amy kept thinking about this trio of cats, including the blind man and his mother. They knew there was “competition” and felt they had little chance of being selected by the team.

Amy and Paul are the parents of three children, including a 12-year-old visually impaired boy named Joshua. All the siblings were happy to welcome the cats, but Joshua was even more excited. He had always loved animals and knew deep down that he could help a blind feline a lot.

“We will all be sad to see them go, but they will join a loving family”.

When the shelter called the Nestors to let them know that they had been chosen as the new owners of the cats, their joy broke out, as did the children.

Cindy Rarratt, executive director of the Rescue Center, says she feels both the joy of knowing the perfect family has been found for the three cats and the pain in her heart to see them leave the shelter. “They’ve been here for about a month and a half, so we’ve all become attached to them. We will be grateful if they leave, but I know that they will join a loving family”, she says.

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