Good story: cute husky, born without legs but given a new life thanks to a wheelchair

The cute dog was born without all four legs.

Maya is an amazing husky who was born a little different than the rest of her litter. Maya had a difficult start in life, largely due to the condition she was born with.

The dog, as you understand, was born without all four legs.

As you can guess, this made even the most basic movements extremely difficult for her, not to mention running or playing like other dogs.

Maya also suffers from various health problems. Her hips are also affected by a degenerative disease.

As if that wasn’t enough, Maya also has a bandage condition that makes maneuvering much more difficult. With almost all of her issues, it would seem like the deck was set against her.

Maya, on the other hand, has a strong spirit that no one can ever take away from her.

The little husky is a real warrior! Despite the fact that the veterinarians thought she had no chance, a kind woman named Kit decided to give her a home for life.

Keith met Maya on Facebook and immediately fell in love with her. Maya overcame this challenge thanks to a special pair of wheels and the love and care of her new owner. One thing is for sure: she wears a flower crown better than everyone else.

Have you ever seen a dog as photogenic as this one? To be honest, she takes better photos than most people I know. Check it!

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