Good story: caring volunteers began to take care of a sick and lonely dog in the parking lot

After her rescue, everyone was fascinated by her sweet and cheerful personality.

Found alone in a deserted parking lot, an abandoned elderly dog ​​comforted only by his basket.

After her rescue, everyone was fascinated by her sweet and cheerful personality. Now they are waiting for her to recover so that they can find her a loving family.

Bluebelle will no longer have to live on the street. This 9-year-old female pit bull has been placed in foster care and continues to receive care pending adoption. It is reported by The Dodo.

She was left in an empty parking lot in Austin, Texas. When she was picked up by the city’s animal welfare services, they found her lying in her basket, the only tangible memory of her past life, and they had no trouble gaining her trust by offering her a treat that was so hoped that one of them finally reached out.

“You could clearly see how grateful Bluebelle is for being rescued and taken to the shelter”, said Stephanie McCutchen, manager of the Austin Animal Center.

During the first days at the shelter, the dog slept and drank a lot. She seemed happy that she finally had a roof over her head and that she was safe.

The dog, treated for scabies and conjunctivitis, was given to a foster family.

Upon arrival, Bluebelle fell ill with demodicosis, which caused her to lose most of her hair, as well as conjunctivitis.

Despite her health problems, she was always cheerful and friendly with everyone she met.

Then the dog got into a foster family. The meeting with the latter and her dog went wonderfully and the rapport was perfect.

Once Bluebelle is fully recovered, the Austin Animal Center team will make sure to find her a loving home forever.

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