Good deed: this caring woman found a frightened lonely dog and saved the poor animal

 Good deed: this caring woman found a frightened lonely dog and saved the poor animal

The woman saved the poor man and the dog became unrecognizable.

Mexican Carla Solis was about to get into her car when she saw a frightened, trembling animal under the car. Karla with difficulty pulled the creature under the car, and then it turned out that it was a hungry sick dog. There was no fur on his poor body, but only painful scabies. The woman decided that it was necessary to save the poor man and took him to the veterinarian.

Mexican Carla Solis found a sick, frightened dog under her car and decided to save the poor animal’s life.

The vet examined the poor cutie and found several skin and stomach problems. With all the sores, the dog’s weight was only 15 kg, which is half the norm.

Solis realized that she could not cope with the dog’s health problems alone, and contacted local animal rescuer Becky Moder.

He picks up and nurses abandoned dogs and sends them from Mexico to American shelters.

When the dog got to the shelter, the cutie was named Elliot and made every effort to treat him.

The funds that were allocated for Elliot ran out before the course of treatment, but Moder decided to help by paying the rest of the payment himself.

Fortunately, the cutie recovered very quickly.

After a while, Elliot’s hair began to grow rapidly.

When the cutie has recovered, it’s time to find him a new loving family.

Elliot was moved to San Diego, and this handsome man immediately found good owners here.

He won the hearts of a young couple from California who were looking for an adult and calm dog.

They surrounded the shy dog ​​with their care and gave him a new name – Asher.

The new owners boast that Usher attracts the attention of passers-by with her chic looks.

Now it’s hard to imagine that this handsome man was once homeless and hid under a car.