Get closer to a wonderful nature: Red cedar teardrop trailer

Amazing thing, with the help of which you can get closer to a nature

Новый трейлер для отдыха.

Wooden trailers are really nothing new, but Australian company Wood on Wheels’ Cedar Teardrop Camper is something special. It has all of the latest camping comforts in addition to its lovely design.

Можно установить тент.

Howard Campbell, the creator of Wood on Wheels, is new to the camper industry, but he’s been creating wooden saunas with red cedar for 2 decades. It’s not strange, then, that his trailer turned out to be so odd.

Сделан из красного дерева.

Campbell first used his technical skills to create a teardrop camping camper out of cedar, his preferred wood. Nevertheless, Campbell soon left the project due to a fault with finishing the wood at the time.

Надежен и безопасен.

Campbell’s desire of owning a red cedar camper never left him, so in early 2016, he determined to give it another shot. This time, the Australian tackled the issue by sealing and refinishing each wood panel separately before assembling them.

Очень удобен.

The Cedar Teardrop is more of a cross between a trapezoid and a regular teardrop than a teardrop. It is made of red cedar panels at the same time.

Для идиллии с природой.

The Cedar Teardrop comes equipped with a double bed, two 110 Ah batteries, two 12-volt outlets, an 82-litre water tank with a high-pressure pump, and a gas-fired water heater, according to Wood on Wheels. A kitchen room with a stainless steel gas burner, a stainless steel sink, and a 50-liter fridge is also included in the trailer. Two double-locked doors, a front luggage space, dual interior and exterior LED lamps, a flip-down jockey wheel, 240-volt connection, and a 16-inch LED smart TV with bluetooth keyboard are among the other attractions.

The 550 kilogram wood trailer spans 3.7 x 2 x 1.8 m and measures 3.7 x 2 x 1.8 m. It costs $23,500 and $18,500, respectively (in different configurations).

The combination trailer, which blends the characteristics of a trailer and a tent, will be fascinating to learn about.

Source: Novate

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