German radio launches special program for lonely, bored dogs

Special program for bored dogs…

When a dog is left alone and at home and the owner does not return for an eternity, there are two possibilities. The first is that if the small animal has been properly raised or is simply sluggish, it will sleep contentedly till sunset. The second, which causes the most issues, is when a restless dog expands the monastery due to an overabundance of feelings, despite the fact that he will be scolded later. That’s why, three months ago, Stefan Stock, RadioTon’s Baden-Württemberg radio host, founded the ”Hallo Hasso” station, which plays music tailored to comfort these unfortunate four-legged dogs.

Stefan is intimately familiar with the issue of bored dogs, since he is the proud owner of the beautiful but hyperactive black Leyla. The DJ observed one day that music relaxes the dog and, in the case of a human, creates the appropriate background for you to feel less lonely. And then he and his pals started experimenting. The goal was not to put the dog to sleep or zombify it, but to find a backing music that would alleviate its loneliness-related discomfort.

Modern electronic music, powerful guitar chords, harsh vocals, loud vocals, pop vocals, and creative musical directions have all been found to be unsuitable for this purpose. Also included are drum sections in a variety of styles. The dogs preferred quiet, slow music, such as classical symphonic pieces or extended hippie ballads, as well as the ”don’t comprehend what’s on screen” YouTube clips for some reason. The radio host created a mix for his experimental ”Hello Hasso” based on this information.

As a result, Stock’s concept isn’t novel, and numerous services for lonely or bored dogs have existed for a long time. Professional dog breeders, for example, have rightfully attacked them, claiming that years to evolve have created the dog an ideal species for training. As a result, instead of distracting the dog, it is vital to teach it how to behave properly while the owner is not around. However, the specialised watchdog owners has a choice: educate the pet or allow him to listen to talk news during the day in the hopes that the slippers and carpet will not be damaged.

Source: Lemurov

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