«Future supermodels!»: McConaughey showed his two grown-up sons who already win millions of hearts

Girls fall in love with McConaughey’s sons who have grown to be heartthrobs😍😍

Marriages in Hollywood don’t usually last, but there are cases when couples manage to maintain their mutual love and respect for each other and keep the harmony in their relationship.

Here is the iconic star of «Dazed and Confused» who is a dedicated husband and a caring father of three. McConaughey has recently shared photos of his two heirs while cutting the hair of one of them.

However, little is known about the star’s personal life. Many clearly see the striking resemblance between the star and his two children. Especially 14-year-old Levi looks like the exact copy of his dad. The family now lives in Texas.

He explains that it is much easier to say «yes» and saying «no» takes even more effort and energy.

Famous spouses have lately congratulated their daughter on her 13th birthday. You all can have a look at the birthday girl!

It is worth mentioning that the man and Alves are the founders of «Just Keep Livin’». Are you a fan of this couple?


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