Funny story: this cute puppy played with the phone’s camera and won millions of hearts with it

 Funny story: this cute puppy played with the phone’s camera and won millions of hearts with it

Adorable puppy once again struck and won the hearts of millions of users.

There is no shortage of cute animal videos on the internet. On TikTok, the adorable puppy has once again amazed and captured the hearts of millions of users. We’ll never get tired of those little wads of fur!

Labrador retriever puppy Bogey was adopted by Carly in March 2022. Since moving to a new home, the young dog has learned a lot, including learning to walk on a leash.

In addition to discovering a new environment for itself, the animal looked at itself for the first time through a phone camera.

As Daily Paws reported on Tuesday, April 5, her adoptive mother placed the device on the floor in front of her furry friend. Upon seeing his own image, Bogey acted charmingly.

The puppy jumped towards the camera, then lay down, wagging its tail. Obviously he really wanted to play! After a bit of grumbling, the temptation was too much: Bogey decided to take action and gave a good paw on the phone.

Knocking over the device, the Labrador Retriever finished the video. The latter lasts only about fifty seconds, but has already softened many Internet users.

The clip was watched by nearly 20 million people; 5.7 million likes have been posted. Bogey became a small star!

A few days later, Carly ran the experiment again. Again, we can contemplate the dog facing its own image. Several growls and barks are heard before he hits the cell phone.

Bogey has the soul of a gamer! The hostess gave him a lot of toys and loves to spend time with him.

The little moments of life shared on TikTok are a breath of fresh air for the 90,000 followers.

Even though the video with the phone turned out to be cute, it is worth remembering the importance of looking after your pet. He should not be injured by the device, an accident can quickly happen.