Funny story: this cute dog gave birth to 16 babies who conquered veterinarians and millions of hearts

Dalmatians are one of the most famous, although unusual breeds of dogs.

When the owner brought her Dalmatian at the height of childbirth, everything was in full delight in the veterinary clinic of Fredericksburg. Dalmatians are one of the most famous, although unusual breeds of dogs. This is probably because of the 1996 film “101 Dalmatian”, but the Dalmatians have a long story of these spotted coats!

One mother-dog recently gave birth to a huge litter, and this is quite amazing.

Although we cannot say that there are 101 puppies in this litter, we can say that this is really incredible. The owner of the dog from Texas recently fell into the headlines of newspapers, when the story of her dog’s birth became viral. Britney Turner, who operates in the veterinary center of Fredericksburg in Texas, helped with childbirth.

At the moon, a mother-mother, contractions of about midnight began on Thursday. The moon and her human mother gave birth to five puppies at night, but by 7 in the morning everything stopped.

They reasoned that it would be useful to bring her, because larger dogs did not have many complications. Something clearly went wrong as soon as she was inside. The moon was urgently taken to the hospital after it turned out that the sixth puppy in the litter fell ill.

Looking inside, they found that there are still much more puppies ahead!

Puppies continued to appear one after another.

There can be no longer! I said everything to the owner. And they all said: “Of course, it can no longer be! I know that there are at least two more,” I said. No, there are two more. ”

Everyone in the clinic had to take part, including the administrator! Soon it all ended, and they were able to conduct a final calculation. 5 puppies were born naturally and 11 more through a cesarean section – only 16 puppies!

The final counting was 16 puppies, which is an incredible number.

“We are pleased to report that all 16 puppies and mom are recovering well after surgery,” they wrote in the clinic. “It was not 101 Dalmatian, but this was enough to occupy us this morning! She took care of her children very well and demonstrated her maternal abilities. The world record for the number of births of the Dalmatians is 19 (this happened in 2019), so there were three prematurely.

Usually one dog is enough for a family of four. It seems that they will need to find several more buyers so that their house does not turn into a circus! With so many Dalmatians around them, they may want to watch the new dog. A certain Disney villain who loves the Dalmatians puppies.

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