Funny scene: this woman discovers that her beloved dog plays ball with the neighbor every day

This dog loves having an object thrown at him so that he can go get it.

Alarmed by her dog’s barking, Bounder’s owner was amazed to see him having fun with his neighbor, who was playing his favorite game of throwing a ball with him.

A video of their work went viral after being posted on TikTok.

As a good Labrador Retriever and like most dogs, Bounder loves to have an object thrown at him that he can pick up.

A drill he is very enthusiastic about, especially when it comes to the ball.

This carefree black-robed dog becomes a friend to anyone who plays this game with him, as evidenced by this anecdote from the Dodo.

His owner Britney Reynolds explains that Bounder is literally ”obsessed” with the activity. However, she was far from suspecting that he regularly did this to anyone other than a member of his own family.

He noticed this recently when he heard the barking of a quadruped.

She went out to check on him and thus realized that his barking was directed at a neighbor, and not quite to drive him away from the fence, on the contrary.

The man was sitting in his garden near the fence separating two houses, accompanied by his dog Leyla.

The neighbor was shooting in the air, and the Labrador, waiting impatiently, wagging his tail, ran after the ball to return it to him and have the right to throw it again.

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