Funny scene: this wild deer crashed photos of the newlyweds to eat the bride’s bouquet

During the wedding a wild deer barged in and assumed the bride’s bouquet.

Morgan and Luke Macley were photographing their wedding at Felt Manor in Michigan, when a wild deer walked in and thought the bride’s bouquet looked like a delicious dinner.

“We climbed this hill and went out into a field where we saw a deer behind a wooden fence,” says wedding photographer Lorenda Bennett.

Bennett told The Dodo, “He started craning his neck and taking flowers from her arrangement and just eating them”.

The couple tried their best to keep the bouquet from falling into the deer’s hands, but he was determined to get the flowers.

As a result, Morgan eventually refused the bouquet and offered it to the beast of prey.

It turned out that this particular deer was a well-known photobomber in the area. Bennet, on the other hand, didn’t expect the deer to show up.

Bennett said, “We’re all smiling and looking at each other in disbelief”. “I think everyone was a little overwhelmed and it was a very memorable experience”.

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