Funny scene: this man comes out for a moment and sees a family of bears trying to get into his car

Three black bear cubs climbed into his car through an opened window.

Before going on a short vacation with his parents to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Chad Morris wanted to see the black bear, which is home to about 1,500 bears in the region.

However, the owner of a barbershop from Kentucky got even more than he bargained for. Not one, but three black bear cubs climbed into her car through the open window.

The helpless man took several pictures of the moment and shared them online. Luckily no one was hurt except for the car.

Chad was enjoying a day at a picturesque mountain resort when he heard his parents scream. He immediately left the cabin and soon understood the reason for his parents’ reaction.

The black bear cub was in the car looking for his things. But soon the man realized that the intruder was not alone, as two other bear cubs followed them in a car parked on the road.

“As soon as I saw them, they went to my car and three kids jumped in,” the man told The Dodo. “They saw us taking pictures but never bothered us”.

Out of curiosity, the playful little ones explored the car for several minutes before they got bored and ran off into the woods.

All the while, Chad and his parents waited from a safe distance until the cubs finished their search. They even tried their luck on other cars, but, fortunately, their owners left the door windows closed.

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