Funny scene: this fat pig grew up with 5 dogs and now thinks he’s a dog too

This is a pig which lives with 5 dogs and they share the cutest friendship together.

We all have unusual friendships. Animals also share the same kind of communication.

Sometimes these stories are hard to believe, but they always prove that love and friendship can create wonderful relationships between anyone. Even if they are completely different from us.

This is a story that proves once again.

This is a pig that lives with 5 dogs and together they share the most beautiful company.

While acting like a dog, he turns out to be just like one of his canine friends; he is so charming! Vietnamese pork is called Chowder. Usually this type is known to be intelligent and outgoing.

They also won’t turn down a good hug.

“When I look at my staff, I see who I am in it,” says Shelby, their man.

“Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole life depend on me, and I will never let them down”.

The whole group plays in the yard in the same colors. Their physical differences do not interfere. Shelby sees his children in the whole gang, as well as dogs and pigs.

He also considers Chowder his son: “He is like a three-year-old. He is my son and these are his dogs.”

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