Funny scene: the cat was walking in the yard and when the owner came back there were already two cats there

 Funny scene: the cat was walking in the yard and when the owner came back there were already two cats there

The picture before her eyes looked like her cat was fighting with her reflection.

Pets always prepare surprises for their owners, sometimes without even suspecting it. A girl named Devi Larsen shared such an interesting story about her pet. The girl sent her pet for a walk and then she heard some terrible screams from the yard. When she came out to check what was going on, the picture in front of her eyes looked like her cat was fighting with its reflection.

The hostess told how the incident with her cat made her believe in the matrix.

Reddit user Devi Larsen shared a story about how she accidentally saw two identical cats that looked exactly like her pet.

Cat Loki is distinguished not only by its fluffiness, but also by its cunning face.

According to Devi, Loki is a big boy who thinks he’s a street cat. In order for the cat not to run away, at first she was allowed to walk only in a collar and on a leash, but over time the cutie proved that she is just a trickster. Then the hostess began to put a harness on her, with which she also figured out how to cope. But later, the girl simply put a tighter harness on her, and Loki had nothing left to get used to.

Once Devi sent Loki to the courtyard for a while and heard some terrible sounds from there.

According to the woman, she was talking on the phone with a client who still did not want to end the conversation. And at this time, Devi heard some loud sounds with a cat’s cry, which were heard in the yard.

The girl decided to check what was there and saw two fighting cats, similar to two drops of water.

The cats looked almost like twins. There was such fluffiness, color and expression of the face that it turned into a girl’s attempt to find her pet with the help of a game like “Find 10 differences”. But the girl managed to notice someone else’s leash on one of the cats, thanks to which she managed to understand which of the cats turned out to be someone else’s.

According to Devi, she has never seen a second cat, so the cutie became a real surprise for her.

Devi tried to separate the two cats, but it would be better if she didn’t do this.

The girl still managed to separate the twin cats and send her pet home.

The stranger’s cat immediately tried to leave the girl’s place as quickly as possible, but because of his fullness, he got into an awkward situation. “She tried to climb over the fence, but he was so fat that he just started sliding off her like a cartoon character…” – said Devi. The girl decided to bring her sweets to at least somehow heal her emotional trauma, but when she returned, the cat had already run away.

Commentators were surprised by the fact that Devi ran into her twin cat.

“Damn, what a miracle — they look completely identical”.

“It’s not someone else’s cat, it’s a failure in the matrix. Now they are both your cats!”

Now the girl wants to build an enclosure for her cats on the street so that she no longer fights with her twin cat and stays safe.