Frozen beauty. Gorgeous photos of bonsai trees

Amazing and eye-catching bonsai trees

Рододендрон Гунки. Выращивается с 1982г. Фото: Stephen Voss.

Raising bonsai has been a tradition for than a decade, and as such a tree takes incredible dedication, devotion, and particular care. Bonsai became an infinite source of eastern creativity for photojournalist Stevena Vossa, who was fascinated by the gorgeous flowers, which is reflected in his movie to a large extent.

Можжевельник.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

Японская белая сосна.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

”Bonsai” loosely translates as ”raised in a tray” in Japanese. Frequently, they are regular trees that have stayed stunted as a result of careful care, root and limb cutting, and a variety of other treatments. ”As a break from other themes, I began photographing bonsai plants two years ago. Eventually, I came to appreciate the magnificence of these trees, and I developed a special bond with them. These trees, I believe, aid in my career development ”Stephen Voss agrees.

Бонсай крупным планом.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

Многовековой бонсай.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

”For me, bonsai is a unique object. Normally, I strive to catch something beginning to fade, but these trees are always perpetual, and time was recorded in centuries, if not millennia, for them.” The principles for developing the trees themselves, as well as the standards for their appearance, will motivate the art of bonsai. It is vital to represent them in large maturity, exactly perpendicular to the level of the sight. Stephen, on the other hand, thought it was too ”traditional” and dull. He sought to come up with a fresh way to show these gorgeous trees.

Можжевельник.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

Клен. Выращивается с 1985 г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

Stephen thought that shooting bonsai close-ups, concentrating on particular portions of the plants, would be a better approach to depict these lovely trees. ”From the moment I saw these spiritual titans, I knew there was something I could gain from them: peaceful serenity, ego, and even brilliance.”

Ствол дерева бонсай. Фото: Stephen Voss.Вяз, выращивается с 1982г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Японская черная сосна, дата неизвестна. Фото: Stephen Voss.Японская белая сосна. Выращивается  с 1625 г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Китайский вяз, дата неизвестна.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Можжевельник, выращивается с 1905 г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Красный клен, выращивается с 1974 г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Индийская сирень, выращивается с 2010 г.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Бонсай.  Фото: Stephen Voss.Можжевельник, дата неизвестна.  Фото: Stephen Voss.

In a collection of more classic photographs, ”15 stunningly lovely mini-trees built by people,” you can see how varied and exquisite bonsai trees may be.

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Source: Kulturologia

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