Freedom was a dream for cat which was transformed after being freed from 5 pounds of matted fur

By the end, he looked completely different.
When private detectives went to the house of the man to check the cat, they were stunned by what they saw.
The beloved cat was ignored to such an extent that he was sharpened in his own fur and could barely walk.
The hair was tangled and thick (about 5 additional pounds) covered with dust and excrement.

The eldest guy agreed to send Sinbad to a shelter for pets after talking with private detectives.
Moreover, they rushed Sinbad to a shelter where the staff cut his fur for hours.
By the end, he looked completely different.

Despite everything that happened to him, Sinbad is pretty sweet and loves general attention.
Despite the fact that most of his life did not treat him properly, he still loves people.
«After his cocoon of matting was removed, the unpleasant kitten was grateful for any form of care that he received».

Fortunately, a man named Elliot accepted Sinbad and gave him a permanent house.
Therefore, he is quite happy in his new house and with a new father.
Finally, a cheerful elderly cat found a suitable place for a happy life.

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