Fragile hands create wooden masterpieces. How this girl started to work with the wood!

Women are the creators of the most incredible things. They know how to collaborate with the nature

This resident of Brooklyn makes original pieces of interior. A woodworker is hidden under the fragile appearance. She manages to work with the equipments that have heavy weight and complicated options.

Девушка-столяр Аriele Аlasko

Ariel graduated from university of California where she studied art and sculptures. She was interested in decorating her own apartment. This little hobby became the meaning of her life. And then she understood that that is her vocation.

В мастерской у девушки есть маленький помощник

She said that at first when she had been studying at collage she hadn’t pay attention at the wood. Then she understood the meaning of this material and started working only with it. Whenever she is asked to tell her favourite colour she answers “wooden”.

She creates functional subjects

Модельная внешность не мешает Аляско заниматься любимым делом

She is happy to find work of her life and add that she earns not bad salary: starting from 225 to 1200, it depends on the order.

Изготовленное Ариель изголовье кровати

You can find her works in her pages and choose your favourite one.

Source: Novate

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