Finally this wonderful dog found a wonderful kind family after spending 2381 days in a shelter

This dog waited patiently at the shelter for 2,381 days to be adopted.

Higgins has seen more than 6 foster families, but none have chosen him. He patiently waited in the orphanage for 2381 days, hoping that one day someone would be interested in him. Leslie Renner, director of the Preble County Humane Society, didn’t give up.

She was determined to find his home. When Higgins was still a puppy, he was given to a shelter and was soon adopted by the family. However, a year later he returned to the shelter as a homeless dog.

After 2381 days, no one took him from the shelter. He was a year old at the time and people didn’t want to adopt him, instead they wanted puppies.

His agitated appearance sometimes caused people to ignore him and move on to the next dog. When day 2381 arrived, 22-year-old Brandon Reid showed up at the orphanage, saying, “I’m here to take Higgins home. The staff were shocked when the kind-hearted young man said that he had found his first home and wanted to make a furry friend.

When Reed saw Higgins’ face on social media, he decided to save him from his lonely cage.

Higgins was glad to be out of hiding, to be free. Now he’s a spoiled dog who sleeps on the couch and has his own backyard where he’s free to run after more than six years in captivity.

We are so happy for Higgins and Reid that they share a special bond. Thank you Reed for saving him.

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