«Female bodybuilder in our reality»: this is what one of the muscular women looks and how she lives

Previously, this woman weighed only 40 kg.

Once she abandoned femininity to do bodybuilding.

Now more than 807 thousand people have been signed on her account.

At the age of 26, this girl established herself as a professional powerlifter, a bodybuilder, a master of sports of the world in standing traction and raising her hands.

Currently, she raises the severity that it would be difficult for a man to pull.

In a typical occupation of bench presses from the chest is 165 kg, and 240 kg.

This active athlete, the owner of 12 European and national standards in several categories, travels a lot.

Judging by the photos on Instagram, Natalia is now in Montenegro on the Balkan Peninsula.

According to the woman, several training a week is enough for her to feel great.

Bodybuilder growth 168 centimeters, weight 90 kg.

Natalia admits that she gained her current physical form, including with the help of plastic surgery.

She informs the subscribers that she continues to monitor her nutrition and level of physical exercises, even being abroad.

It is simply impossible to pump up her breast as she wanted.

However, it is this honesty that bribes all its fans in Natalia.

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