«Father will definitely not like the photo of naked beauty»: beautiful Lily began to behave like an adult

 «Father will definitely not like the photo of naked beauty»: beautiful Lily began to behave like an adult

She appears to be the most recent celebrity to join the trend of being nude.

Last week, we witnessed several significant points in celebrities. In her funny pictures from the holidays on the weekend, Jesy Nelson took advantage of the trend of a naked bath, and Amelia Hamlin looked amazing in the photo of Topless from Fashion Week in Paris. Lily-Rose Depp seems to be the most recent celebrity who has joined the tendency to walk naked.

Daughter Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, a 23-year-old actor, and model, on Friday evening, published a very hot photo of Topless in her history on Instagram.

It was a backstage photograph of Lily, who was preparing for a press conference for the upcoming television project HBO Idol, in which Lily and The Weeknd play the main roles.

Enter on the weekend. Lily is depicted in the photo topless, facing the camera with her eyes closed, and her chest is covered with an emoticon in the form of a curl.

In addition, Lily noted the amazing work that hairstyles and makeup specialists did for her appearance. We really cannot be saturated with a bright pink blush.

Kirsten Coleman, her make-up artist, who received the Emmy Award, published the image of Lily with the signature «My Fucking Queen». In addition, her hairdresser Christopher Fulton published a photo with the commentary «The Supreme». We would undoubtedly have to agree.

Soon Lily will appear in the new HBO Idol program, which was jointly created by The Weeknd, Sam Levinson from Euphoria, and Reza Fahim. Lily depicts Jocelyn in the series, a completely new pop musician.

Jocelyn, who had to cancel his tour due to a mental disorder, wants to restore his reputation as a «sexy pop star», so she begins to meet with The Weeknd, depicting a self-help guru and the leader of the cult.

Hank Azaria, Troy Sivan, and Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek also appear in the series.

Although the date of the premiere of the series is currently unknown, we cannot wait to see it and more Lily.