Fantastic sculpture changes its appearance depending on the season

How a sculpture changes its appearance depending on the season

A remarkable sculpture of the Earth Maiden can be found at one of Europe’s largest botanical gardens, which is located in England. Pete and Sue Hill, brother and sister, designed it in 1997.

The artists’ hands sculpted a live statue in the shape of a sleeping woman. The most astounding feature is that the statue’s hair and clothing change based on the season and the flowering of various herbs.

Some plants take the place of others, and the ”virgin’s” attire alters as a result.

When the sculpture’s entire body, including the face, is coated in green moss and a thick, luscious hair grows on its head, you can get an image like this. The appearance of ”ladies” is faded and unimpressive during the autumn-winter season and early spring.

A wooden frame serves as the foundation for the sculpture. Clay was put to the body, and the face was fashioned out of a mixture of cement and sand with clay added.

The authors had to smear yogurt on the sculpture in order for the lichen to grow. The ”virgin’s” hair is made of crocosmia and woodland sedge, and her clothing are constructed of climbing plants.

Visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which are located in the English county of Cornwall, if you want to see the splendor of this living sculpture for yourself.

There is a gorgeous Earth maiden sleeping on the ground if you walk along the Forest trail.

Source: Lemurov

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