Exciting sight: this wonderful dog kept sticking her paw through the bars to hold hands with people

This dog pokes her furry paws through the bars of her cage in the shelter every day.

It is not known how long Mack was on the streets of Pasco, Washington before she was sent to jail.

But he was found by a Good Samaritan and taken to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.

Mack, a black mestizo, just wanted to regain his freedom and stuck his furry paws through the bars of his cage at the orphanage.

It won the hearts of many who interacted with the Mac, especially one volunteer.

“She was my favorite and the favorite of many other volunteers”. Shelter volunteer Julie Saraceno told The Dodo about this. “I was obsessed with him the very first day she poked me in her oven”. In fact, Mac knew exactly what he was doing.

This smart dog knew he would get attention and extra treats when he pawed people.

And Julie knew that Mac’s great tactic of getting treats and pets could also help Mac find a new home for good. This video has gone viral.

After that, requests to use a Mac began to come in. And these requests came from everywhere. One woman came all the way from Montana to see if she and Mac were the right fit.

As a result, they turned out to be an ideal couple and immediately found a common language.

And that’s how Mac found her forever home. And no one was happier for her than Julie.

“I cried happy tears”. Julie admitted.

There were also many other people rooting the Mac.

“I am happy to see that she was adopted. Both the Mac and its owner will have a better life, ”said one Instagram commenter.

Mac is having a great time at his new home in Montana. She lives on a huge plot with other dogs and even a horse.

Mac went home. She is living her best life in Montana,” the video explains.

Mac couldn’t have looked happier as he was in his new home and immediately lashed out at Julie who was filming the video. There is no doubt that Mac was very grateful to Julia for her help in finding a house.

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