Excellent act: a guy carried on the shoulders of a saved huge elephant through a large forest

This is amazing and great, they should name the forest in honor of this guy.

Usually you will see how someone is going on an elephant, but rarely you will see a person who carries an elephant weighing more than 100 kg!

In 2017, Palanichamy Sarathkumar, a forest guard, deployed near Mettupalayam, returned home from the next night shift when he was called about the naughty elephant, which prevents the movement of transport near the temple of Vanabhadra Kaliamman.

What an amazing caring man. A very special person.

He and his colleagues left as soon as they could. They lit the crackers to direct elephants into the forest. After that, they found an elephant in a small ditch after the departure of females. The elephant was stunned and exhausted because he did not know how to get out of the ditch. Palanichamy and his colleagues removed the stone from the ditch, which blocked the exfoliation of the elephant.

However, the elephant was too weak to go when his mother went to the main road. Palanichamy and three of his friends brought the baby out into the street to find his mother. Palanichamy decided to carry an elephant on his back, even though the elephant could see, it is incorrect to interpret and attack him.

Although the elephant seems small and pretty, in fact it is heavier than it, weighs more than 100 kg, which makes it difficult to carry over long distances!

He puts an elephant near a watering in the hope that his mother will return to see an elephant. Returning the next morning, they found that the calf was gone. The fingerprint was next to the larger prints of the elephant. Palanichamy believes that they left until dawn after reunification.

He is an amazing wonderful caring young man!

Let’s hope that the charming elephant, who reunited with his family, will quickly recover and will no longer be separated from his family!

What a hero and amazing friend-living, such people deserve more respect than most millionaires in this world, deep respect for him and his assistants.

Sir, you are really a hero … This elephant will never forget you …

God, bless both of them, so happy that you saved him. Bless him …!

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