«Everyone was waiting for such news»: the beautiful and unique Rita finally confirmed her marriage with Taika

 «Everyone was waiting for such news»: the beautiful and unique Rita finally confirmed her marriage with Taika

The singer confirmed that she and Taika Waititi are indeed married.

A few months after the source reported E! The news that Rita Ora and Taika Waititi got married, Rita Ora openly speaks of their union. The singer spoke about their special day as follows.

The singer confirmed that she and Taika Waititi really got married a few months after E! News initially reported their wedding.

When asked about her marital status during an interview with Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden, on January 27, Ora replied: «Yes». «Well, here we are. People, everything happens for a reason. I’m no longer available for dates».

Will Ora accept the surname Waititi after the wedding? I thought about it, but I must admit that I worked a lot to earn the name Ora. «But I really think that it is important to travel together. I’m not sure; I have not yet made a final decision».

It was excellent, she said. «The T-shirt met my expectations. It was just beautiful and perfect, exactly as I wanted, sometimes only for myself. It was really tasty».

Ora promised that one day she «would find time to arrange a large, grandiose holiday». She, too, did not have to wait long, since Holden and Theakston arranged a mini-girl in the sound recording studio.

In August, the source reported E! The news that the 47-year-old Waititi and the 32-year-old Ora exchanged oaths. This became known a little more than a year after the spring of 2021 began to walk rumors about the novel by the artist and director.

Through the interview and their appearance on the red carpet, Ora gave several views on her affair with Waititi, who has two children from his ex-wife Chelsea Winstanley, but she expresses her real thoughts through her songs.

She stated at Heart Breakfast: «I knew that there would be questions, and I just decided that I could include them in my music. I knew that having released a new single, and he was inspired by where I was in my life, I knew there would be questions.

Therefore, I first do something where the music speaks for itself. So, you know, in my love story that is on my album, all this makes sense».

In fact, on January 27, Ora debuted in a music video for wedding themes in her song «You Only Love Me». appearance in the video.

She said: «I wanted to play on this when all kinds of speculations appeared like she is not her. Thus, my musical video reflects my vision of the wedding, which did not go exactly as planned.

However, this does not mean that this really happened. Experience that I had kept a slightly greater secret and just for myself, although I really wanted to speculate about what could happen. Thus, I will provide the world with a report on what could be».

According to Ora, it is based on real events. We are talking about the initial stage when you first meet someone. Are we serious?

We’re not? Are we exclusive? type, what is happening? When I started dating my boyfriend, I was not sure what condition is our relationship, but I really just wanted to reveal all my [feelings]. You ask: «Will you just love me in response? » These were the time frame.