Everyone Was Shocked To Know The Meaning Of The Wooden Rugs. What Made Childhood Trauma With This Girl

Even things that seem to be simple have their story.

The history of rugs goes back to ancient times. But is still actual part of interior design. Nowadays, you can choose the size shape and colors of your rug. One should choose the right rug to make the room beautiful not vice versa.

Rugs are also convenient in usage. You just cover the floor with it and when you get bored of it or just want to have changes, you can roll it and keep in the storage.

One of the Spanish artists doesn’t want to loose the value of childhood memories and hide them in the storage.

Aparicio is an artist who has skills and talent of every sphere of art. The topics of her works are evaluating memories, death, close familiarity or friendship and the expression of sorrow for someone’s death. She chose complicated themes which are not easily discussed. Her aim is to make people think deeply about life by her rugs.

Selva Aparicio Childhood Memories Rug Carving

She has standard sizes for her rugs which are of Persian design. You will be shocked how she managed to fill a simple rug with so many details especially by carving in the wood.

She said that she used this idea in her thesis at university.  She gave the rugs different meaning, having them as a symbol of covering trauma and gaining witness.

Closer Look At Selva Aparicio's Rug Carving

Selva Aparicio Childhood Memories Rug Carving Details

This explanation of her work is the result of her personal experience. She covers troubles in the family and represents the mental scares she got as a result. By carving them on the wooden floor she perfectly represents the life cycle having floor as the life and details as the troubles and trauma.


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Her works may not be on display now but she usually has other installations at different museums.

What do you do to cover your trauma and troubles? What brings peace to your mind?

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