Emotional scene: here is the story of a monkey meeting his family after a three-week separation

The little monkey injured his paw, and now he was released back to his family.

Surely there must be a reason why animals are called our smaller brothers. Sometimes they behave quite humanly and it seems that they are familiar with such feelings as love, affection and friendship. And the video that appeared on the social network confirms this fact. His history is not rich in details. The little monkey injured his paw and has now been released back to his family after 3 weeks of treatment. But even such brief information provided by the author of the video does not distract from watching it. It will make everyone’s heart melt!

A touching meeting of a monkey with his family after a three-week treatment.

It can be seen how joyfully and swiftly the baby jumps out of the basket and runs to his relatives, who immediately rush to hug him. And who can resist not being touched by this cuteness?

Users of social networks could not remain indifferent and just pass by.

“I love how the adult monkeys lift the baby up to keep him from falling, to comfort him and hug him. The baby then looks at the person and the big monkey does the same. It is impossible to know if the little monkey said, “This big, hairless monkey helped me get well.” or “That fool kept me in a cage and fed me three times a day.”

Some users have questions.

“I wonder if the family knew what happened to the monkey? Maybe they think that people kidnapped him and finally let him go, or do they know that he was injured?

One of the commentators said that these are green monkeys and they really live almost like people, they value their family very much and are ready to fight for each other. It is not known if they knew what happened to the little monkey, but even people can envy the strength of their family love!

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