Driftwood as the carrier of human-nature connection. What a girl from Canada sees in driftwood.

Even driftwood has a story. Follow your goals and tell the world about your story.

An artist from Canada is the author of the sculptures that are eye-catching and easily grab your attention. She uses pieces of wood which are floating on the sea or have been washed ashore, carapace and clay.

The sculptures carry the idea of human-nature close connection. She thinks that a piece of wood tells a story.

humans in trees art

Her love towards nature comes from childhood and she keeps the little girl inside her admired by wood and nature.

driftwood carving

driftwood art

hand crafted wooden sculptures

beautiful hand crafted art

spiritual driftwood art

wood face art

spirit sculpture

Debra Bernier driftwood sculptures

shell carving art

Are you fond of nature? Do you agree that there is a close connection between human and nature?

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