Different kinds of magical and modern sculptures What a wonderful sculptures

Wonderful sculptures

Modern sculptors are masters of the unexpected. They are not bound by any framework and are adept at working with a variety of materials. This is a collection of the world’s most innovative, vibrant, and graceful sculptures.

Statues made of wire

Statue of the Fountain

As if it were real…

East is a delicate matter!

On the one hand, it’s an odd design, but when viewed from the appropriate angle, it’s a masterpiece!

So soft and elegant

Clay old lady

It provides dependable assistance.


A real dryad!

The ocean’s weight rests on the shoulders of the gigantic female.



Buddha of the 21st century

It’s a sculpture made of wood!

Master’s work!

Silver mermaid…

Monument to Sigmund Freud. Czech

The bathing children sculpture is part of a larger project. On the banks of the river in Singapore, there are several sculptures of humans.

Aluminum wedding rings

Only one side of Nelson Mandela’s statue is visible.

Icelandic sculptor sees officials like this

The traveler is always on the move…

Italian monument to a woman’s handbag!

Rampant herd of mustangs in Texas, USA

Flock of metal iguanas, Amsterdam

Turkish Sculptor Recreates World War II Battle in Life Size

This monument appears ordinary during the day, but the magic happens at night…

Wire girls in Ireland

Kelpies, ferocious spirit horses from Scottish folklore

Stone god of war from China

Legendary Hercules and the lion

Source: Duck.Show

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