Cute story: this little boy tried his best to climb onto the roof of their neighbor’s garage to hug their dog

A motivated boy wanted to steal as many hugs from the neighbor’s dog.

This is hardly the ideal way to get to know your neighbors by sneaking into their garage. When this Louisiana guy was caught on camera breaking into the garage of one of his neighbors, his intentions were nothing short of charm.

Holly Mallett wanted to make sure she knew if potential criminals had broken into her house, so she installed a camera in her garage.

When she examined the CCTV footage, she was relieved to discover that a different type of thug had broken into the house – a determined young man who wanted to steal as many hugs from his dog the Duchess as possible.

Of course, Holly’s face lit up as she watched the adorable clip. Since this was not the first time the hapless burglar had visited her, the Louisiana woman decided to document the incident on Facebook.

She reasoned that by doing this, she would be able to find out who the boy was.

“Wait, neighbors! When he rides his bases, he occasionally comes over and pets my dog ​​or plays ball, but he always leaves quickly, like he doesn’t know if he’s supposed to be here”.

In a Facebook post, Holly said: “I would like to tell him that he can cuddle and play with him. He loves affection”.

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