Cute scene: this lovely dog ruined toys except for the one that looks like her

The puppy has found his best companion in this soft toy.

Karissa Lerch, a resident of Durham, North Carolina, has always dreamed of a dog. But she also realized that having a furry pet in the house comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Besides, she couldn’t afford to raise a puppy during her college years. So she went to Toys-R-Us and bought a toy wolf instead!

The goal came true a few years later when she acquired an Alaskan Malamute puppy. And the woman decided that it would be great to give Luka, her furry friend, her old plush companion.

What Karissa didn’t understand was that the puppy had found his best companion in this soft toy.

The woman commented on Reddit: “I gave her a stuffed animal, and since then he has always been by her side”.

She always carries it with her when she goes to bed and always carries it with her wherever she goes. Luka is very careful about this”.

The toy, which was previously known as Luka, was renamed Mr. Wolf, as having two Lukas in the house would have been confusing.

However, given that Luca has damaged all of her stuffed animals, the family finds this special interaction between the cute dog and her best friend out of the ordinary. According to Carissa, Mr. Wolfe is, needless to say, not even “dog-like toughness”.

Since the toy matches Luka, she is more likely to believe that it is her own kind. Luka, cuddling with a soft toy, won the hearts of the whole world!

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