Cute scene: this little cat and puppy ended up at the shelter on the same day

The lives of these cute animals collided, with the most unpredictable outcome.

When a small kitten and a small puppy were admitted to the same shelter on the same day, their lives faced the most unexpected denouement. But what happened next is the most emotional event.

In this story recounts an incident that has had a lasting impact on what it means to find someone who comes into your life, and how it suddenly becomes a way of terrible suffering to feel alone in the world.

The two animals arrived at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Service Center in Virginia, USA on the same day but under different circumstances.

Kitten Chick was found abandoned on the street, but everything is fine with him.

On the other hand, the dog is not so lucky. The unfortunate little child had previously been hospitalized because of a man who was visibly shaken and sobbing in grief over this little creature he found in such a horrifying state.

“She was dying and needed immediate help”, said Huffman, the shelter’s director.

The unfortunate man was unconscious, and his blood glucose and body temperature were too low to be measured.

Even after the first procedure, he remained unconscious, spent many hours with his eyes closed and could not even raise his head.

A shelter volunteer brought the puppy home to look after him all night, and although he stopped responding, she also took care of him the next night.

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