Cute scene: a stray kitten entered the garden and befriended a house cat hoping to have home

This homeless cat wandered into the garden hoping to find help.

A lonely and lost young stray cat wandered into the garden hoping to find help.

The owner’s cat warmly accepted her, but did not let her owners near her.

He needed to be rescued immediately.

A Montreal family spotted a stray cat in their garden. The little feline looks only a few weeks old, and his mother was not around.

Desperate, the young cat, however, found solace with a house cat, says Love Meow.

His elder was very kind to him and reassured him.

However, he was afraid of people and, when the inhabitants wanted to get close to hhim, he preferred to run.

After a while the kitten reappeared and the house cat again greeted him enthusiastically. Finally, the neighbor managed to save him.

He then informed Nadia, a volunteer of the local association Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

The organization then entrusted him to two foster mothers, Sarah and Morgana.

“We named him Alix. He was very shy when we took him”, explains Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

His age was estimated at 2 months. Alix was still afraid of people; his heart pounded at the sight of them, and he systematically took cover in a corner.

However, as the days passed, he began to realize that he no longer had any reason to be afraid.

Sarah and Morgan took care of them and very patiently helped him out of his shell. The comfort and love he found in this house gradually changed him.

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