Cute scene: a kind bear cub went up to the fisherman and asked for fish, but not for himself, but for his mother

The bear did not eat the fish, but carefully picked it up and carried it into the forest.

The man sat down and was fishing on the bank of the river when he noticed movement on the bank. He looked around and was surprised to find that the bear cub went to the water’s edge and began to wait, as if asking for a fish, which at that time was already with the fisherman. Gleb did not become greedy and threw one fish ashore. But the bear did not immediately eat the fish, but carefully picked it up and carried it into the forest.

Later, the man recalled the details of this story. He went straight to the shallow water of the river and fished with fly-fishing – he was biting perfectly that day, and in a few hours Gleb had three trout and a large grayling in a bucket. The fisherman did not immediately see how the bear cub approached him. And when he found out, he found that the animal was hungry. Gleb threw a whole shadow on the forest dweller, but did not eat it – he only nodded and carried the fish into the forest.

After some time, the bear cub returned and again began to ask for fish. The fisherman wondered where the beast was carrying the fish. Gleb gave the fish, but this time decided to follow the animal. In a clearing in the middle of a dense forest, he saw a bear lying quietly.

The bear calmly met the man, but the fisherman himself understood that two or three fish were not enough for a large animal. So he thought for a while, then brought her the whole catch and quietly left. The next day, the bear with her cub left the clearing. It looks like the fish really helped her gain strength.

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