Cute scene: a beautiful kitten hugs everyone continuously, as he was rescued from the street

Today this cute ball of fur has a chance for a better life.

McCheeks is a grateful cat who was rescued off the street by the Los Angeles Animal Best Friends Society.

Today, thanks to the excellent staff that works at the facility, this cute furball has a chance at a better life.

He never stopped hugging the people who had helped him since he was rescued, expressing his gratitude in the most compassionate way imaginable.

Diane Barber was the first to meet the cute cat and she decided to name him McCheecks because of his fluffy and gorgeous cheeks.

Barber contacted one of her colleagues, Samantha Bell, an animal enthusiast who agreed to take McCheeks in as a foster child. Samantha said the following:

“She noticed my love for sleazy stray cats and immediately began to hunt me”.

He beautifully meowed at me and crushed the bars of the cage when I approached his kennel.

His adoptive mother only needed one visit to him to understand that he is a very friendly kitten.

Samantha explained, “He didn’t just have a pretty face; he was also extremely loving”.

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