Cute moment: this 5-month-old became involved in a howling battle with family dogs

This cute baby joins family dogs in howling battle.

If you have ever had a dog, then you know that it can suddenly start howling when it hears a sound that attracts it.

It could be something as amazing as the sound they hear in an ad or even the music they hear on the radio. And when the howl starts, it will surely wake up the whole house.

It’s usually quite annoying when this happens, but for some family members, it’s an open invitation to have some fun.

This appears to be the case of the five month old baby in the video below.

You see, when the family’s pet dog began to howl loudly, the child took it as a challenge, so he quickly joined in, and it all turned into a howling contest that made dad want to reach out to the camera.

For nearly a minute, the adorable child and the competing dog paced back and forth with their howls that got louder and louder each time.

If you need a good laugh right now, don’t forget to check out the funny interaction captured in this clip.

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