Cute dog: this dog turned 20 and became the world’s oldest Golden Retriever

An elderly dog recently broke the world record for the oldest golden retriever.

Celebrating her incredible 20th birthday, the loving senior dog recently broke the world record for oldest golden retriever.

If you’re not impressed, consider that this breed has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years (the sad fact about dogs is that they live significantly shorter than humans).

As a result, Augusta, or Augie, had just outlived the typical lifespan of her species.

To top it off, Augie’s life was neither the happiest nor the most peaceful. In truth, until the age of fourteen, she had a terrible childhood.

This adorable girl was moved to a new home twice and spent a lot of time at the orphanage before she found her final home.

August was born on April 24, 2000.

Even though her birthday was in late April, the news hit the web on Saturday when Goldheart Golden Retrievers Rescue in Tennessee — the shelter that first helped the puppy find a permanent home — posted the wonderful news on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, the rescuers said: “She is 20 years old, her lifespan is nearly double that of golden retrievers, and she is still alive”.

“She lived this long partly because of her wonderful genetics, but her owner, Jennifer, did an outstanding job of caring for her and ensured a good relationship with Augie the vet”.

Happy birthday Augie and many more, there’s nothing more beautiful than watching a grown dog celebrate her birthday after having lived up to all expectations. After her15th birthday, this golden retriever went viral.

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